About hotoCameras


Welcome to hotoCameras, a little space on the Internet where I write about my photography adventures. "Hoto" is the Hausa language word for a photograph. It's a very cool sounding word, and when you think about it, it sounds much like the word "photo" without the letter "p". My goal for this blog is to write mainly about my experiences with cheap cameras that usually come my way. I tend pick cameras from thrift stores, flea markets, online auctions, and local classifields.

My preference for cheap cameras, however, means I end up writing a lot about analog cameras. That's a good thing. I love tiny mechanical things, and most of these cameras are just that — fascinating little machines that just manage to chug along no matter how old they may be. This blog is really just in its infancy; I hope to update this page as I progress. For now, my plan is to write a series on the cameras I have in my collection. In any of these camera posts, I'll try to tell you how I found the camera, how I felt shooting the camera (without all the boring technical details you'll find elsewhere), and I'll share as many sample pictures from the camera as possible.

I hope you enjoy reading; I hope you keep coming back!

Thanks, Ekow Abaka